15. November 1980 TNT, Zounds, Cheap ‘n‘ Nasty, Beton Combo, ZK

Aus Rockinberlin
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15. November 1980
TNT, Zounds, Cheap ‘n Nasty,
Betoncombo, ZK
Ort SO 36
Eintrittspreis 10,- DM
Quelle SO36 Gig-O-Graphy auf youtube
Zounds (GB)
Cheap ‘n Nasty (NL)
Vopo's (NL)
Beton Combo
Plakat mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Terry und Herman (Cheap ‘n Nasty)

Die Gruppen Cheap ‘n Nasty und Zounds spielten schon am Vortag im KZ 36.


“...The next gig, the following evening, was at a much larger venue, SO 36, which once had been a cinema. 7 bands played in front of a crowd of about 1000 people. This night the Vopo’s (Zwolle-Holland), TNT (Switzerland), Betoncombo (Berlin) and ZK (Düsseldorf) played too. Most German bands played fast and tight – and obviously Sham ‘69 inspired - . Some people couldn’t cope with Cheap ‘n’ nasty’s variety in their set and there not having a big lack of originality and therefore startet to throw beercans all through the set. … (ausführlicher Tourbericht der Band Cheap 'n' Nasty siehe link unten)